Eye Candy Ghost Mica Powder

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Eye Candy Pigments' Ghost mica mineral powder is another one of our top choices for woodworking, resin art, and other craftwork. Its high quality pigment powder can be used in projects such as  homemade bath bombs and jewelry, melt & pour, lip balm, acrylic painting, screen printing, candle making, and more.

  • ULTRA-FINE PURITY – Eye Candy mica powder blends with resins, lacquer, epoxy, nail polish, latex, cosmetics, automotive paint, lotions, creams, polymer clay, varnishes, glazes, and other personal use items.
  • SAFE, NON-TOXIC, CRUELTY FREE – Our colors are stain-free but highly recommend using POLYSORBATE 80 making it gentle on skin, and won’t cause irritation. As with any additive, always test a small area before full use to ensure it’s allergy safe.