#20 Curly Bastogne Walnut Stock Blank

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Curly Bastogne Stock Blank

Premium grade curly bastogne walnut, kiln dried and ready to use for the highest end rifles. 

Wood-database.com provides the history of bastogne walnut, which is a hybrid of Claro Walnut and English Walnut. "Plant breeder Luther Burbank experimented with hybrid walnuts beginning in the 1890s, and cross pollinated the native Claro Walnut with English Walnut. The resulting hybrid was quite puzzling: the tree grew grew faster than either of the parent species, and also yielded harder and stronger lumber (though unfortunately it didn’t produce very many walnuts). Because of these anomalies, Burbank named the hybrid “Paradox.” The name Bastogne Walnut appears to be a marketing term, and is not commonly used outside of woodworking circles."

Dimensions: 35.5"x2.75"x2.625"

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